About us / History

POLECEX, S.L. is a family company founded in 1996, fruit of more than 25 years of experience in the rubber industry for the automotive sector.

This technology and knowledge, served as the basis to achieve developments applied to the area of ​​aluminum carpentry.

Due to our growth and the need to expand our productive capacity, in the year 2000 we moved to the current facilities occupying an area of ​​more than 4,500 square meters and having several manufacturing lines, equipped with the necessary production elements to meet the needs of the current market and our customers.

Our manufacturing, development, experience and vocation is mainly directed towards the building sector.

Polecex, has as a fundamental principle that of innovation in Development, managing and applying its experience in technical advice in order to optimize the needs that the market requires.

For this, Polecex has a highly qualified human team to face the requirements that the market demands.

Quality Policy

The Client is the reason for our work. We want to fully satisfy his needs and expectations with a high level of quality of our products and management. This represents the most important objective in our Company.

Our Customer sets the tone for our Quality. His opinion is binding for us. We do not have to pretend that it changes. We have to change what is necessary to meet his demands.

Everyone should look for zero defects and do their job well the first time. If this is done, not only is quality improved, but costs are also reduced. Quality increases profitability and ensures our future.

We assume self-control in the execution of our work as a normal procedure, not only in production but in all departments of the Company.

We must avoid mistakes, foresee defects and consequently eliminate their causes. The prevention of defects takes precedence over their correction.

What we do, it can always be improved. Self-complacency is the enemy of progress.

We are all committed to meeting quality objectives. Each worker contributes from his job to realizing these objectives. Therefore, each one has the obligation and the right to ensure that the circumstances that prevent our clients from obtaining the level of quality (product, service, price) required are eliminated.

The continuous improvement of the processes and products is achieved with the systematic analysis of the problems and the identification of the main causes, using statistical methods and the corresponding procedures.

We work with team spirit. We are oriented towards the achievement of objectives through the participation, involvement and commitment of all those capable of contributing to improve quality, productivity, creativity and innovation.

Respect for the environment, the health of people and the correct use of material resources are fundamental elements to ensure our processes and quality.

The Management.

Our market

We are manufacturers of EPDM rubber gaskets for windows, sliding doors, curtain walls and facades, both for the national market and for Europe.


Manufacturer specialized in high quality gaskets.

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Updated technology, an involved team and process.

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Our customers speak for us

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