Our company specializes in the extrusion and coextrusion of EPDM gaskets with a wide range of work, both in dimensions and weights, in either peroxide or sulfur profiles.

We have adapted the process to the most current needs of our customers in reference to the post-processing, and we can offer added values ​​such as: identifying line by color, pre-cut, thread insertion, die-cut and / or perforated, …


The technical team of POLECEX, S.L. is formed by expert engineers to achieve a functional and optimal design for each specification and product, working in simultaneous engineering with our customers in order to give maximum satisfaction and performance to the products we manufacture.


Our facilities allow us to manufacture products in salt baths, microwave tunnels, hot air tunnels, with a high degree of reliability and complexity, which gives us a competitive differential value given the ease in vulcanizing in different systems the required EPDM mixtures for each type of product.


More than 25 years in the rubber industry.

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Manufacturer specialized in high quality gaskets.

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